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Jerusalem Calling: Live Virtual Visit to The Austrian Pilgrim Hospice


Austrian Pilgrim Hospice in Jerusalem


On Monday 30 November 2020 the students of the module English and Hospitality had the great opportunity of a virtual visit to the Austrian Pilgrim Hospice in Jerusalem. In a live video-chat, Hotel Manger Jonas Lamprecht gave our students and their English teacher Mr Lutsch profound insights into this venerable institution located in the very heart of Jerusalem. Students who have successfully completed the module will have the option to apply for an international internship at the Austrian Pilgrim Hospice. Boys can potentially do their peace service (“Auslands­zi­vil­dienst”) there.







Jerusalem viewed from the Hospice’s roof terrace

The Austrian Pilgrim Hospice was founded in 1854. Its founding fathers were the then Archbishop of Vienna and Emperor Franz Joseph. While the Hospice still belongs to the church in a larger sense, it is a foundation in its own right. The foundation finances itself, is managed by Catholic priest Rector Markus Bugnyár, and has its own mission. This mission is not only to create jobs for Palestinians in need, or to offer assistance when needed, but also to provide education, and to finance renovations of homes and medical care.




Hotel Manager Jonas Lamprecht

The income generated by the associated hotel and guest house – the Austrian Pilgrim Hospice – is an important source of finance for these social projects. The hotel with its around 150 beds offers a magnificent panoramic view of the old city of Jerusalem from its roof terrace and sports its own Viennese coffee house called “Café Triest”. Situated in the heart of Jerusalem, all the major sights are just around the corner. Whether you want to visit the Western Wall, the Temple Mount or the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, everything is within walking distance. When asked to name but one of the things that make the Austrian Hospice special, Hotel Manager Jonas answered, “The Austrian Hospice is multicultural. Religious or not, everything and everyone                                                                                                  meets here, it’s a colourful mix.”


Antonia Tichonow, 7e


Virtual Live Visit: Screenshot of video conference