Mai 30

Moorland Hall 4e+5e

Akad @ Moorland Hall

 From the 21st to the 30th April this year, we – 4E  and 5E – went on a trip to Devon, England. Right on the first day we went for a walk through the Dartmoor where our guide John told us a lot about the moor and its long history. We also had a look at Dartmoor Prison – from the distance, of course.

During our stay, we tried out many different sports, for example kayaking or surfing. One day an actual archery coach taught us the basics of this interesting sport. We all did a decent job at shooting with bow and arrow and a few even hit bull’s eye.

On some days we visited small towns with cute shops and bakeries. Everyone we met was so friendly and kind!

All in all, it was an amazing experience, we really grew together as a group and made many new friends. We had a first-hand experience of English culture and food and met a lot of nice people. Our classes definitely enjoyed the nine-day journey and we made incredible memories we will never forget!

(Class 5e)


 Our trip to Moorland Hall

On Thursday the 21st it all started. Our trip to Moorland Hall. We all met at 9:00 o’clock at the airport in Salzburg. After checking in, safety control and other organisation stuff we got onto the plane and took off to Frankfurt. From there we had a connecting flight to Bristol in England.

We arrived in Bristol in the evening but still had to drive two hours to Moorland Hall. We met the Moorland Hall Team at the airport. Jo and Kim, the owners of Moorland Hall and John, another team member of the Moorland Hall crew. They came with coaches and a minibus to pick us up. We stowed away our luggage and got in one of the three coaches. Then we drove off to Moorland Hall. When we arrived at Moorland Hall all of us were really exhausted and tired. Unfortunately, one of the buses had a problem with the motor and didn’t make it to Moorland Hall. That’s why some of us had to wait until they got picked up and arrived very late at Moorland Hall. We had dinner and then got a quick introduction to Moorland Hall’s rules. After that we could go to our rooms. When everybody had finally arrived, we all went to bed.

The whole time in Moorland Hall we had a lot to do. We were never bored. A typical day went like that: after breakfast, which was at 8:30, we had a first activity. We did many different activities. At one a clock we had lunch and in the afternoon we did the second activity. At 18:30 we had dinner. Every second day in the evening we had to work on our diaries. We all wrote down what we had done during the days at Moorland Hall. Every second evening we talked also about the various activities. In the evenings Jo and Kim planned something for us. We were always busy and had a lot of fun. We visited a lot of different cities, like a city called Looe, where we went to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Padstow – where we did crabbing or Plymouth, where we even went to watch a Rugby match. We also did activities at Moorland Hall like archery, survival skill-training and high rope-climbing. We could do those activities at Moorland Hall because they had a big field and even high ropes. That was definitely awesome. We also went mountain biking, had a tour through the Dartmoor, went canoeing and kayaking and visited a place called the Eden Project, a place where people try to grow plants from various parts of the world.

On our departure day we visited a city called Exeter before we flew back home. We arrived in Salzburg really late and were happy to be home again. We had a great time at Moorland Hall and experienced many adventures. Moorland Hall is a really fantastic place to go to and we had a lot of fun.

(Jana 4e)


(Fotos von Emma Schartner und dem Lehrerteam)