Jul 10

International English Brunch

On Friday, 7 June 2019, the students of class 2a Group1 of AkadGym Salzburg and their English teacher Dr Lutsch went and had their Friday afternoon English lesson at Hotel Flair, where they were spoilt for choice by a delicious international breakfast buffet.

As the ten English students are from six different national backgrounds, each student brought along a typical dish from their countries of origin, their national flags, and some proudly wore their national costumes. After wishing each other a good meal in their six different national languages and in English, the students and their teacher enjoyed what was a very nice school day with lots of good and interesting food.


“Mahlzeit! Dobar apetit! Prjiatniwaopitztia! Iyi istah! Yoqimli ishtaxa! Bismillah! Enjoy your meal!“


Flora Kohlbacher, 2a