Sep 13

Class 4a Goes Down Under

Class 4 a students listening to Dr Gsell’s talk on Australia

On Monday 27 June, our school doctor Dr Karoline Gsell joined class 4a in their English lesson to talk about Australia. The 4a students were very excited, because they had already talked about that country in their English lessons and were curios to hear more about this interesting country with its dramatic landscapes.

In her talk, Dr Gsell talked about animals that live in Australia, the government, crises, traditions such as the easter bilby‘ and so much more. The class 4a students were very impressed, as there were so many pictures and a poem in the presentation. It was thrilling to listen to a first-hand account of someone who has actually lived and worked in Australia.

The students found that the Royal Easter Show was one of the best facts. Every year there is a big competition near Sydney. It takes place for two weeks and everything from the best pumpkin, strength, to the best art is a competition.

In their English lesson the following day, class 4a students had the opportunity to ask Dr Gsell more questions on Australia and to give her feedback. This presentation was very informative and entertaining, and class 4a will remember it for a long time to come.

Charlotte Feitzinger, 4a

Photo by C Lutsch