Jun 11

All the World’s a Stage – AkadGym Class 5a @ KuBi Days Salzburg

Class 5a on stage presenting their project

The students of class 5a of the Salzburg Academic Grammar School (Akademisches Gymnasium Salzburg) were all really nervous as they gazed upon the enthusiastic audience. There where people from all age groups, from young to old, and many more than they had anticipated


“KuBi Days” stands for Cultural Education Days at Schools (Tag kultureller Bildung an Schulen, Land Salzburg) and should encourage and support young people to be more innovative and creative in various cultural fields – such as music, acting, and fine art. Many students from a wide selection of schools had gathered for the event and were eager to perform their long-arranged projects.

For class 5a students it was the perfect opportunity to let other students know about what they had done and learnt during the workshop with diplomat and writer Leigh Turner. Under the guidance of Dr Lutsch, their English teacher, class 5a had been able to finish their slide show just in time for the day, and they did exceptionally well at talking fluently and clearly to the crowd. In the students’ presentation, the audience did not only learn all about the literary workshop with diplomat and writer Leigh Turner, but also got a brief introduction to, and overview of, the students’ 405-year-old school. Last but not least, the 5a students did not forget to inspire the fellow students from other schools by passing on the message Leigh Tuner had taught them: “Writing is a skill you can learn”.

Sergey Rakulj reading out a passage to the audience

On that very day the students of class 5a of the AkadGym did not only have the opportunity to present their workshop, but they also had the chance to watch children dancing to folk music and witness other incredible performances, such as watching the school band and theatre group of BORG Gastein performing great music and a theatre play.

It was a very rewarding and refreshing experience for class 5a students, especially since they could talk to students of other schools about their workshop with the former ambassador and writer Leigh Turner. They will remember this unique experience for a long time and hope they will be able to do more projects like this in their English classes to come.

Melissa Zheng 5a