Feb 23

Elective Module English and Hospitality: A Must-Try for Future Students

The English and Hospitality elective offers a unique opportunity to learn the art of hospitality through hands-on training in a professional training restaurant. Under the guidance of restaurant service skills lecturer Mr Birenti and English teacher Mr Lutsch, students will develop the service and English language skills needed for a paid summer job in the hospitality industry.

The module includes both theoretical and practical lessons, taught in English to improve your language skills as you go along. Along the way, students will also pick up fine dining etiquette and manners. “The elective was a blast. We got hands-on training in food, drinks, wine and cocktail service, and improved our English skills. Can’t wait for my summer job in hospitality!” exclaimed Gunda Kolator (8e).

At the end of the module, students receive a Certificate of Completion and gain valuable experience and memories that will benefit them in the future. The elective module was yet again a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience with passionate teaching and hands-on learning, leading to improved hospitality and English skills, as well as opportunities for summer jobs.

Emilia Riedel (6b) said, “Never thought serving tables and making cocktails could be so much fun. Thanks to Mr Birenti and Mr Lutsch for their passion and dedication. Ready for my summer job!”

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Marina Schmidt (6B) and Bea Schmitt (6B)

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