Okt 06

Theaterprojekt 3h mit Markus Zaller

Class 3h wrote blogs about their theatre project in English – read for yourselves how much the students enjoyed their project:

No lessons for the whole week

This week my class and I didn’t have any education in school because we had a theatre project. In this project we showed in the form of a play how school was in the Stone Age, between 1910 and 1920, how school is now and how school will be in the future. Our main teacher was Mr. Zaller and for each era there was a group of about six people. (Max Eidlhuber)

Have you ever played in a theatre? If your answer is yes, you know how cool this can be! At the beginning we tried out some real-life scenarios like ordering food in a drive through and having fun together. It’s really great, you must try it out! There were four different groups: The Stone Age, the year 1918, the present and the future. I played in the future. I liked the 1918s the best, the teacher and the students just acted perfectly! Maybe you could come and watch the play in the last week of school. I promise, that would be great fun! (Daniel Schneider)

On Monday we started with small exercises to practise our acting skills, for some of us it was kind of easy but for the others like me it was a bit difficult to talk loudly, ignore the audience and to be good at acting at once. But after some time almost everyone was able to achieve at least two of the things.

The funniest part of the play was, in my opinion, the one where the teacher in 1910-20 had to act like he was hitting one of the students because he was too late, it didn’t look very real but it for sure was very funny to watch. (Irma Haider)

On Friday we had to present our play twice to six classes. Instead of six classes there came eleven classes. We were very, very nervous. Have you ever been this nervous? The best feeling was on Friday when everyone applauded for us. (Veronika Assova)

When we performed it, it was better than expected, everyone loved it, even the teachers! We are going to show it to our parents at the end of the school year too! You are welcome to come and watch it too! (Ella Jusic)